Ibn Jabal Courses

IbnJabal takes pride in quality instead of quantity. List of our courses is short but effective and robust. We emphasise more on individual devlopment. 


The Level 1 Arabic programme is perfect for those who would like to learn the Arabic Language in the same manner and to the same level as it is taught at most British universities, covering the equivalent of the first year of an Arabic language degree.

Our more advanced Arabic courses introduces students to classical Arabic literature, including the Quran, Hadith literature, and works of classical scholars such as Al-Ghazali, Ibn Qayyim, Al-Tahawi, An-Nawawi, Ibn Al-Muqaffa, and Al-Jahiz.


If the dates, time, or location of the courses that are currently running are not ideal for you, Ibn Jabal Institue offers a limited number of bespoke Arabic language courses throughout the year.