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Terms and conditions:

1. Refunds and deferrals:

a) Any request for refund must be made before the commencement of the course. No refund, full or partial, will be given once the course begins.

b) Students may, if agreed by the Institute, defer their course to a future term if there are reasonable grounds to accept the request for a deferral. Reasonable grounds include bereavement and medical or health conditions that prevent a student from continuing the course. The Institute may request evidence to support a request for deferral.

c) An already deferred course cannot be deferred again except in cases of exceptional circumstances.

d) A deferral entitles a student to join a future course from the same point at which he/she stopped attending the course. For example, if a student stopped attending after lesson 5 of a course, he/she will be allowed to join a future course from lesson 6 onwards. If a student wishes to join the deferred course from the beginning, they may do so with additional payment.

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