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Level 1 12 week term-time course (on-line and in person) 



Our Level 1 Arabic programme is perfect for those who would like to learn the Arabic Language in an intensive manner and at a level comparable to that taught at most British universities. Our 12 week programme covers the equivalent of the first year of an Arabic language degree. 

This 12 week programme offers one 2.5 hour class per week. Students can attend either the morning course (10am-12:30pm) in person (at Camden Town, London) or the evening course (6:30pm-9:00pm) on-line via Zoom. 


By the end of a Level 1 course, students should: 

  • Be able read a classical text like the Qur’an and understand up to 70% of it. 

  • Have a good understanding of all the common areas of Arabic grammar. 

  • Be capable of reading, writing, and speaking using up to a thousand individual Arabic words. 

  • Be capable of basic conversation in common situations. 

  • Be familiar with the ten forms of the Arabic verb and be capable of using a traditional Arabic dictionary by identifying the trilateral or quadrilateral roots of Arabic words.

  • Have an insight and appreciation for English grammatical concepts.

What’s included:

  • 12 weekly classes

  • Digital course materials

  • One-to-one sessions with the instructor to review completed homework

  • A certificate of completion (subject to completing 80% of homework and sitting final exam)

For this course, students are expected to:

  • attend all weekly classes

  • dedicate at least 5 hours of individual learning at home on a weekly basis, which will mostly comprise of written translations 


  • Although it is possible to do this course as a complete beginner to Arabic, this course is suited best for students who are familiar with the Arabic script.

Level 1 term-time course

10am-1:30pm, starting on Tuesday 10 July 2023


Course Fee: £749.00 (concessions available based on individual circumstances).

Full instructions will be provided upon enrolment.

Full terms and conditions, including refund policy, can be found here.

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