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The above video testimonial is by Chelsea Roff, an author, educator, and Founder and Director of Eat Breath Thrive.

Further written testimonials:

“After many desperate attempts to learn Arabic through various books, I finally had lift-off after attending the Ibn Jabal L1 course. It is demanding but the proof it works are the teachers themselves who have learnt Arabic through the system they teach. There are two things which I found to be absolutely outstanding: a) the selfless commitment of the teachers and b) the notes they have produced. A key reason for me in choosing Ibn Jabal is that they provide the structure to take you from not knowing any Arabic to reading advanced University text. I have come to see the study of language as a journey and thank Ibn Jabal for producing the high way for us wayfarers to travel upon.”


Saqib Safdar, Level 1 & Level 2 Read Physics at University College London Teacher of Mathematics





"Alhamdulilah the Ibn Jabal course was the best Arabic course I've been to. The reasons for this were: high level of student-teacher interaction; structured course based on textbook; strong emphasis on grammar with regular drilling; regular tests; regular homework; many references to Qur'an / Islam . . . your actual method of teaching the grammar was v good - drills, anecdotes, examples, it really sunk in. Well that's all I can think of right now!! pls keep us all in your duas esp. during hajj."


Dr. Umbreen Hussain, Level 1 & Level 2 Umbreen read Medicine at Kings College, London





"A very intensive Arabic course. That was what I had heard of Ibn Jabal prior to attending and to be honest, that was exactly what I was looking for. Other courses I had attended or heard of seemed to move too slowly and little real progress was made. Ibn Jabal was the complete opposite. True, it is hard. You need to set 3 weeks out of your life to do it! But the rewards are there. It's a great introduction to Arabic, though I would suggest that some familiarity with the language and its grammar will be helpful. Ibn Jabal was the first real step onto my path as an Arabist. After the course I went to Egypt for a couple of months, my studies there being greatly aided by what I had learnt at Ibn Jabal. I very highly recommend this course to you. I feel that at some point in the course of your Arabic studies, you just have to do it! However be warned, it is tough and requires real commitment! "


Faraz Mir, Level 1 Read IT at Imperial College, London Currently working at an IT consulting company

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