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The Ibn Jabal Institute was formally launched in the summer of 2001 with an audacious and pioneering aim of equipping students with the necessary tools to pursue advanced and immersive Arabic after just 3 weeks (15 lessons). For students to reach such a level they need to cover the equivalent of what is normally taught during the first year of an Arabic degree at most British universities. We combine traditional approaches from the Arab world and the Indian sub-continent with modern teaching techniques used at some of the best universities to offer our students a uniquely challenging and immensely rewarding experience. 

Ibn Jabal is not for faint-hearted. When we say we teach the equivalent of the first year of an Arabic degree in just three weeks, we really do mean it! And, for nearly 20 years, we have demonstrated that students who come to us with courage, dedication and ambition can and have achieved great success. 

Ibn Jabal takes pride in encouraging bright students to study Arabic. We are a registered charity (No. 1118797) and we offer financial support for our best students who would like to pursue a further study of the language.


Ibn Jabal Institute is named after the illustrious companion of the Prophet Muhammad, Mu'adh ibn Jabal, who is celebrated for his tradition of engaging the mind in deductive intellectual endeavour to resolve questions of social and doctrinal importance. We are honoured to be heirs to that tradition

Testimonials from our former students demonstrate the success of Ibn Jabal’s unrivalled approach.

Contact us on:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 0203 143 4333

Main teaching centre: 

11A Pratt Street 

Camden Town

London NW1 0AE

Ibn Jabal Institute is a UK registered charity (charity. No.1118797). If you would like to donate or need to make a particular payment to the Institute, please use the link below.

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