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Arabic Foundation Course


This course can be taken by complete beginners. It starts by introducing the peculiar sounds of the Arabic language with a particular emphasis on the place and manner of articulation and swiftly moves on to how those sounds are transcribed using the standard Arabic script. 


By the end of this course students would be expected to:


- identify and pronounce all the Arabic alphabets in a discernible manner

- read and write most Arabic words using the diacritic signs (fatha, damma, kasra, sukun, shadda, etc.)

- learn the meaning of about 150 distinct words which combine a variety of different sounds and way they are written.  


This course would be very useful for anyone interested in learning to read/ recite the Qur'an. It is a pre-requisite for enrolment onto our flagship Level 1 for anyone unable to read the Arabic script.   

Course Fees: 

Standard: £200.00

Students: £120.00

Concessions: £120.00  


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